Report Writing Sample Assignment

Q1. Please consider a place familiar to you so you can collect data reliably. This could be your office, home or apartment or a room you are living room in and perform these steps before starting to write the report.

  1. List all means by which the place you considered uses energy.
  2. Identify two appliances that uses the most energy, Identify all relevant information regarding the products (energy use, alternatives efficiency, frequency, cost)All answer from cow on address the two appliances you have chosen in (b)
  3. Find out the sources of energy (gas, coal, electricity, solar) and it’s cost and environmental impact (especially look for carbon emissions per kg or kWh, provide the emission factor)
  4. What organizations promote energy efficiency in general and in which way for products you use in the chosen place.
  5. Identify which soft tools (regulatory, social, finance, marketing) have worked in reducing the energy consumption or environmental impacts of energy production and delivery. Provide at least one example for each category.
  6. Identify the opportunities to decrease energy consumption including but not limited to replacement of devices, timer, switches, manual switching off, programmed switches, off-peak power usage, alternative fuel etc., and select two options for improvement.
  7. Perform the cost benefit analysis for the one improvement option.
  8. Conclude the best option of the two. Provide reasoning.

Q2. Now present the information in a report form individually. Each sub-question above (1a, 1b….) can be presented in a subsection with an appropriate sub-title. The report should have an executive summary, introduction and background of the place you have chosen.