Design an Internal Communications Protocol

Design an Internal Communications Protocol

Objective of this Assignment:

To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of tools, approaches and techniques to support the adoption of effective communications tools and protocols.

For this assignment, read the following scenario:

You are a manager at a mid-sized mining company specializing in risky exploration projects and the construction of mines in remote and dangerous workplaces. The jobs available to your employee group carry heightened-risks and workplace injury does occur in some cases as a result of high-risk situations. Generally speaking, the safety record of the company is good considering the organization’s ability to mitigate issues. The organization handles extremely dangerous and sensitive materials that are used in the development of projects causing emotional toll and stress on the employee group.

One day after a particularly stressful week, an employee is involved in a critical incident leaving him permanently paralyzed, and unable to work for your organization any longer. Your team has become somewhat desensitized to this outcome and so an announcement is made and the team moves on. This time though, employees are tired, emotional and angry. They are stating that management does not even seem to care about their well-being.  You assess the situation and realize that the original communication about the incident is not empathetic, is one-way in nature, and comes across as mechanical. You recognize that you need to implement a new communication protocol to remedy this from happening again. To support this, you take on the implementation of a new communication process and protocol.

Step 1:

Your job is to design a reference tool that supports positive team dynamics and the adoption of positive communication strategies that reinforce organizational behavior and culture. . The tool should be in an easy to use format that everyone can understand.

Step 2:

Design a Communication Protocol and Process reference tool.  The reference tool can be a series of bulleted or numbered steps, a tabular reference or an imported visio or other graphical reference that you have built as an original format. The tool must be detailed and encompass (at a minimum) a set of steps and communication tools that will be used to communicate worker injuries, health and safety issues and other critical incidents to employees. How will these be planned, written and dispersed? Go step-by-step. These details must articulated and written down; linked to building worker understanding and buy-in;  and include metrics on how success in achieving the communications goals and feedback will be considered and implemented. You must design the protocol from the scenario provided above.  If there is information that you require that is not noted in the scenario, just make your own assumptions but ensure to note them in your assignment.