Case Study Analysis And Evaluation

Assessment item 2

Case Study Analysis And Evaluation


Take a look at the following survey summary by the DTO:

It shows current attitudes of the Australians towards online delivery of the Government Services.

Based on the survey findings/summary provided, answer to the following questions:

Question 1 (1000 words) Based on the survey above, write a well presented report outlining key factors in Service Delivery for government agencies (extra research required). Provide three recommendations that are central for service delivery that are well substantiated with journal literature and referenced correctly. (You may use the reasons/justifications above or use your own that supports this change).

Question 2 (1000 words) Put together an e-government service delivery infrastructure proposal for a new service for an ‘’imaginary developing country’’. Provide three suggestions into integrating user needs into the service design such as customer feedback, operations review, etc, substantiated with current literature.