Article critique essay writing

Article critique essay writing

Handling an article critique essay involves identifying, evaluating and responding to an author’s ideas both positively and negatively. You are expected to engage with the article rather than just summarize it by considering its content carefully and from different angles. Your critique must be objective. Therefore, you need to support it with evidence rather than instinct or emotion. In article critique, you are required to read widely and develop analytical skills to be able to assess what you are reading from all possible angles. Article critique is one of the ways to show that a student is developing an understanding of the ‘big picture’, of the discipline as a whole.

In handling these types of essays, a student is required to be very attentive and take note of key elements when reading the article. This is because the main goal is to show their personal opinion and back it with evidence and arguments. However, many students fail at this because many tend to summarize the article. They forget that personal approach is what is required. Many mistakes may also arise when handling an article critique essay. These may include;

  1. Using only negative critique.
  2. Having excessive background knowledge.
  3. Not including the main argument and simply summarizing the article.

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